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Well, My Bloggy Friends…

Yesterday, I was talked out of suicide. Sorta. I doubt I would have had the guts to kill myself in the end, but I was talked out of even trying. I’m better today, at least for now.

Today I talked someone out of suicide. They probably would have gone through with it. I’m so glad that there was at least a little bit of a voice to say “you are worth more.”

The lesson: do not die. You are needed by more people than you can imagine.


The Glue to Our Souls

Last night, I had the privilege of going to the wonderful Winter Jam 2014 concert in Des Moines, Iowa. It featured ten Christian musicians, all famous and all diverging from the ideal, stereotypical churchgoer. The special effects rivaled any Las Vegas show: the audience was in a frenzy. Our speaker for the night was a former drug dealer, and several of the performers could relate to that. If you didn’t pay close attention, it seemed almost like any other concert. However, the show brought the message of the gospel and the concept of salvation to 17,000 of the people that needed it most: today’s youth. You could feel the love of Christ in the air that night, in the thousands of voices pouring their stories into their singing. It was, to be blunt, fantastic.

Jesus said that wherever two or more are gathered in his name, he will be there with us. If we do the math, Christ must have been there several thousand times over.

Peace, love, and cookie dough!


Words of Wisdom #1

“We know that there is a God and we know that he has a sense of humour. How? One word: platypus.”

That was one of my favourite lines to use during theological arguments, up until I figured out that the platypus isn’t near as ridiculous as human beings. There’s my wisdom for today.


A Rather Whimsical Post

And yes, there is a sonic screwdriver in the background of the title pic.

I have sworn off nail polish. Forever. Although I’m no tomboy, I’ve never been terribly fond of nail polish. However, last night I was bored and decided to paint my nails, just for the heck of it. They turned out great.

However, our story does not end there. Today, I found that the paint on one nail was already falling off. This simply could not do. I repainted that nail, but in the process I got polish all over my hand and the other nails. I tried wiping it off, which only smeared it. I took off all the polish on both hands out of frustration and started over with a new color scheme: black and red. My hands now look like dead Smurfs that are covered in blood.

Therefore: no nail polish.



Fear is a funny thing
When you fear
It’s supposed to help
To make you move
To get you to safety

But what about
The other kind?
Where you just
And you can’t breathe.

This can’t be safe
After all, breathing
Is kinda important

But when
Things go wrong
The fear is

Terror clogging your veins
A heart attack
And then silence
And the music starts

You see, for me at least
Music is the escape
Away from the fear
Away from the chocking

So that means
If music is an escape
The fear has done its job
And taken me away
Fear is a funny thing


10 Signs You’ve Survived at least 13 Years as a “Good” Pastor’s Kid

To start us off, a bit of math: How many sermons does the average PK (pastor’s kiddo) sit through before they turn 13? Well, simple. 52 weeks in a year, plus Christmas, Ash Wednesday, and about six others that I’m probably forgetting equal 60 per year, multiplied by 13 years, is 780 services. If we subtract the ten services that you may have missed at some point, we end with approximately 770 services. (Sidenote: many of you just thought of the “7 times 70 times” rule or Chris August.) Through those 700 and some odd services, you had probably begun to acquire one or more of these symptoms. (This is written from the perspective of a teenage PK, but I would love to hear the stories of other generations.)

10. You have listened to several of the following and sang along:
Jesus Freak, Outta My Mind, We Can’t Shut Up, Beauty from Pain, East to West, Awake and Alive, Home, Held, Awaken, anything by TobyMac, DC Talk, Skillet, Superchick, Matthew West, Francesca Bastelli, (Not a clue how to spell her last name) or another Christian artist.

9. You are now singing the lyrics to one of those.
“The words that he spoke made the people assume there wasn’t too much left in the upper room.”

8. You helped your BFF learn the Old Testament rap in Youth Club.
Genesis Exodus Leviticus Numbers Deuteronomy, that’s the penetuch of Moses, Joshua Judges Ruth two Sams….. And last in MALICHI!

7. You screamed/ jumped/stomped/ snapped/ whatever when you said Malichi.

6. When someone says “camp,” you think of your church camp…
Which probably included smores, hoping for “the good cabins,” singing, impromptu romps around campus, singing, trying to dance to “Home” by Natalie Grant and failing… (Or was that just me?)

5. You have devised a strategy to keep communion elements from getting on your clothes.
And it works. Epically.

4. I’m too lazy to think of the rest, so please, comment your own!